Our Story

Just one good chocolate chip cookie was all I wanted!

Karen Messier

After a multiple food allergy diagnosis and being frustrated with being told “just don’t eat those things”, I set out to determine how I needed to begin eating healthier, keep from getting sick., yet still enjoy good tasting foods. It was easy to eliminate one or two things at once from my diet, but more than that was easier said than done and eating out sure was a challenge. It became a choice between which was the lesser of two evils sometimes and I went back and forth between eating healthier and not. Eventually it felt so much better to eat healthy & not worth it to compromise and get sick. But still…

Some days; however, just one good tasting chocolate chip cookie was all I wanted. One like I had made with my grandma when I was a little girl. I couldn’t find a healthier one that contained ingredients I could eat, so I set out to figure out how to make my own. One day on a whim I made a batch and shared them with others. My friends & family didn’t know the difference and thought they were “regular” cookies. Afterall, they couldn’t taste that good if they are allergy friendly, right? Gluten-free and vegan, yuk! Why is it people associate something that is healthier with a bad taste? Anyway, they loved them and I thought there are certainly other people who have been searching for the same type of small pleasure in a cookie to help keep them on track when the pull to the dark side gets too strong. Those of you that have felt left out or deprived…if you love and can have nuts and are looking for an occassional treat, these cookies may be just what you are craving too.